Nails Care

The way your hands and feet looks and feels has an unsaid effect on the people you interact with. Beautiful refined hands and elegant looking feet gives you a classy look that everyone wishes for.


Beat all odds and looks of aging… Look classy, look elegant. Receive a relaxing hand massage as we take care of your delicate hands, polishing them,enriching them, making them look their best. Now everyone would want to hold your hand and admire them. To get the best manicure experience ever, walk into ashtamudi today!


Wondered in awe as you watched the feet of models walk stunningly over the ramp with their pretty feet? Haven’t you always wanted them? You needn’t be a model for a gorgeous feet, we at Ashtamudi believes their is a diva in every woman. Walk into Ashtamudi, get yourself the best of pedicure services. Sit back and relax while you get a refreshing foot massage and an awesome new look for your feet. Now you can walk like a diva too.

Heel Peel:

In a dry and harsh world, it is quite normal for your delicate and soft heel to harden. Too much hardening can cause quite a pain when it breaks and spoils your look too. So what to do? At Ashtamudi, we are dedicated to solving your beauty problems. Come relax and get the finest of heel peel which would leave you heel smooth, soft and glowing again! Walk into your nearest ashtamudi salon today!