Advantages of trial makeup

Gone are the days, when makeup used to be just a part of the wedding and the same hair and tone is given to all the brides. For today’s brides, looking customary is way out of their league. So isn’t it only fair that we have a session with our makeup artists to give us a trial? This is us giving you a peek into why you should not think twice on getting a trial makeup.

Nothing is cheaper than free

As important as it is, to get a trial makeup, the beauty parlors do charge a small amount to get it done. Either you can get it done anywhere by paying or you can get it done here, at our place, for absolutely free.

Take no risks

Although taking risks is a sign of valiance, it’s not a good idea on the big day. Makeup trials will help you know, how you will look like on your wedding day. The stylist will get to know your skin tone and analyse what kind of makeup best suits your appearance. Every individual will have a personal preference of their makeup and in case you don’t like any part of it, this is the opportunity where you can speak up and change it for better; this is the time you can experiment with styles.

Suit the attire

As far as a place like Kerala is concerned, where the hues and styles of dressing vary from sect to sect, it’s important to zero down on a look that goes well with your outfit. While having a trial, it is important that you show your stylist everything that goes down on you, from the saree to the ornaments to the hair pieces. The makeup needs to take into account every minute detail, whether you’re wearing your hair up or down, looking for curls or a braid, dark clothes or white, all of it influences the bridal makeover.

Comfort is all that counts

Some brides do not go easy on fake lashes especially if you are wearing it for the first time. Wearing it for a while will help you know if you can manage it for long hours. You also get to select the right size which suits the shape of your eye. Same is the case for pinned up hairs. A grumpy face is the last thing you want to have on your wedding day.

The Dos and Don’ts list

It’s quite possible that you are allergic to certain cosmetics and the stylist will be used to working with the exact same product. So here, you can give a list of not just the allergic ones, but also the ones which you do not personally prefer and hence experiment with alternate ones.

Photographers who turn into angels that day

Our wedding is one day long, but the photos are what makes it immortal. Some makeup which looks good to our eyes may not impart the same charisma onto photographs. So make sure to capture yourself in different lightings, say sunlight, yellow light, with flashes on and the one without and select that one which stands out invariably in all of them.

Because flimsy is for the ordinary

It is no ordinary day, and makeup that easily wears off is just not for you. Trial makeup helps us test the durability of the makeup, that is, if your lips loose its charm or strands of hair start peeping out after some hours.

Peace of mind

It also helps you know the stylist personally, making it more convenient on the day where you tie the knot. Moreover, it helps us evaluate the approximate time they take to get you ready so that other things can be planned accordingly and ensures the makeup process runs smoothly. There are a gazillion other things that we need to worry about on the day; so why not check one off.

But ladies, bear this in mind, do not let loose your wedding look. Schedule the trial and get it moving, but let the look come as a pleasant surprise to everyone!

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