Latest Trends in Kerala Wedding Makeup

The day of marriage for any woman is undoubtedly the most important day of her life and regarding how she looks that day, she needs to settle on nothing less than perfect. Weeks of planning and skin care to get the right texture, flawless skintone, perfect finger nails and pedicured legs goes into preparing her for the ultimate showdown. Gone are the monotonous makeup styles. Today, the brides are putting much care into selecting the makeup theme, which goes well not just with the groom and look good in the flashy lights but also one which will be a stunner on social media. Here are some top trends of 2017

The Minimalistic Look

More and more brides are opting for the minimalistic look these days. The look focuses more on looking naturally pretty and with just the right amount of makeup and less like a powder factory. Colours which blends in with the hue of the skin is chosen. Matte pastel, earthy colours or even neutral colours are opted for the eyes. The eyebrows are darkened and the lids highlighted. Pink or peach or skin toned lipsticks are recommended. Even nude lip colours have become a really fresh and unique choice for Indian brides because it can match the non-traditional light-colored bridal outfits as well.

The Traditional Look

This look is one which incorporates a unique blend of elegance and glamour. Smooth and glossy skin as well as rosy cheeks are what comes together in this look.  A perfectly lined eyes with lashes touched with mascara goes well with it. Now, it is more about getting a naturally smokey eye with hues of copper or bronze and pair it with deep-set heavy kohl on the eyes to make them stand out! Do not forget to flaunt those eyes with fake eye lashes and get the long doll like appearance. The traditional three strand briad never goes out of fashion but it’s the hair accessories that do all the talking these days. Stoned pieces can be pinned with equal spacing in the hair if need be.

The Dramatic Look

If you are looking for a more stylish appearance this is what you should go for. Exhibit the magnificence in you with this. The foundation should be the same tone as that of your skin or utmost two tones brighter. As tempting as it may seem to select a lighter tone than you skin, the duller your face will be portrayed, for you will be seen darker under the shimmering light and in your wedding photos. The eyes and lips should not be equally dark. Take care to highlight the eyes. Go for the dramatic hues or those which are soft like pink or coral for the eye shadow. You can go for the coloured eyeliners to keep it theatrical. If you do not want to take the risk, keep it simple with the winged black eyeliner for black is forever synonymous with class. Highlight the cheekbones and let the lips be wild with tangerine, coral, pink, siren red or even red with a tint of purple. It’s all about standing out bold which goes well with the orange or red outfits, commonly seen as the preferences of Indian brides.

Whatever trends be followed, how much ever effort is put in to look flawless, at the end of the day it’s the happiness that comes from within which proves as the best makeup for any woman. So we wish all the brides to be, a colourful future.

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